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It's Time to Move Kentucky Forward

We live in a digital world, where being connected means better schools, better health care, and better jobs. Unfortunately, Kentucky is on the wrong side of the digital divide and it is costing the state both jobs and private investment in wireless infrastructure.

The last time Kentucky updated its telecom laws, the I-Phone didn't even exist. And outdated state laws mean our people - especially in rural areas - will live without the latest wireless networks found in bigger cities.

Other states - like Indiana and Tennessee - have figured this out and are more competitive when it comes to attracting companies and jobs to their states.

Why can't we?

If we are to prosper in today's economy we must expand access to high-speed wireless broadband from Paducah to Pikeville and everywhere in between.

New industries. Better jobs. More educational opportunities for our children.

If that’s the future you want for Kentucky, TAKE ACTION TODAY!

Call your state representative and ask them to modernize Kentucky's telecom laws by passing Senate Bill 99. This good public policy protects traditional phone service while allowing for the wireless broadband networks of the 21st century.

Kentucky can have both if we act now.

Call 1-800-372-7181 and tell lawmakers in Frankfort to keep up with the times and vote YES on SB 99.

Let’s move Kentucky forward!