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Broadband Internet access is an important part of the infrastructure of our everyday lives. From the ability to bank via your smartphone to video chatting on your laptop, broadband and digital technologies have moved at an amazingly rapid pace and you don’t always know what’s next. CDF supports the policies that will help all Americans have access to the boon of broadband and that will encourage the next iteration of broadband and digital technologies, so that consumers can take full advantage of current and future broadband capabilities.

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Citizens for a Digital Future recognizes that adoption of and access to broadband technology — and its enhancements — has become increasingly critical to the environment, for education, economic development and health care, among others. Our members support and advance public policies that encourage transparency, broad deployment and robust enhancement of broadband and digital technologies.

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Thank you for your interest in being a part of the Citizens for a Digital Future coalition. Citizens for a Digital Future recognizes that the development of broadband technology has become an essential element of education, economic development and healthcare sectors. Citizens for a Digital Future supports and advances public policies which allow for expansion and enhancement of broadband and digital technologies as well as those which encourage transparency for consumers.

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